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1. Basic Internet

1Mbps Down and .512Kbps UP for Emails and Web Surfing

$33.00 /month

2. Streaming

5Mbps Down and 1Mbps Up for faster web surfing and Streaming yuotube and netflix

$61.00 /month

Starter Internet


$69.00 /month

3. Gaming

6Mbsp Down and 2Mbps Up for fast web surfing and gaming

$75.00 /month

Iowa Colony Internet

Internet made for Iowa Colony Community 10 mg down and 2 mg up

$75.00 /month

Pro Internet


$89.00 /month

Business Pro Internet


$115.00 /month

4. Business Class

15Mbps down and 3Mbps UP for demanding internet needs for businesses or power user customers

$119.00 /month

RV Package 50 x 10

Fiber Interent 10x10

$500.00 /month